Tramp: sanctioning goods and medical equipment

Head of the Food and Drug Administration said during Psabrjam and last year (2016) of America, some of the products listed that need to get a license or Ifk license had most of the medical equipment and other goods from has been removed .

Dinarvand said the new government of America again present some of the medical equipment that was previously allowed to be exported to Iran without a license Ifk license, a list that requires a special permit has been returned.

Head of the Food and Drug Administration said that earlier this equipment and goods by Iranian companies the trouble was financed and presumably with the new sanctions are also working harder is, he said, but that our country is in crisis, or people’s health is compromised certainly will not happen.

He said banning these commodities is an antidote because most of these equipment use diagnostic and therapeutic care for illnesses and the entry of these goods into the list of obtaining special permits, except for harassing people and endangering their health, has no other message.

Deputy Health Minister stressed that for this equipment to the country at the end of an alternative route there will not be a concern for people’s health